The Earth Tankard is looking for a spot on your belt!

JUNE 16 – JUNE 20 New Player Experience Testing Reward
Play the new New Player Experience – Beginning to the End

We would appreciate your help testing our updated New Player Experience – join us Wednesday through Sunday, June 20, 2021. Play for 4-hours or more on the Test Server to get rewarded for your support!

Beginning Wednesday (June 16) we are hoping for your support in testing the updated New Player Experience (NPE) on Test. We’d like you to create a new character and play through the full experience – for 4-hours or more!  Please post any bugs you may come across here, and we always look forward to your feedback here.  In addition, please use the Community Likes and Dislikes feedback thread to share more focused feedback. 

PLEASE NOTE: To earn the *Earth Tankard: 

  • *Playtest the updated NPE – Play through the Full NPE (Level 30)
  • June 16 – 20 for 4-hours or more (if you played on 6/16 at any time, we’ll include that time!)
  • One Earth Tankard Entitled Per Account; Redeemed on June 22, 2021