Federation Day is Live– Join the festivities!

Celebratory Capsuleers,

The Federation Day festivities are well underway meaning you still have time to grab rewards, tackle a spread of challenges, and even join in on the celebrations at the Gallente parades.

Themed around the Gallente annual holiday – Federation Day – Gallente Space has been packed with a host of themed events, offers and other activities – including Daily Login Bonuses, Abyssal Proving Grounds, 2v2v2 skirmishes, Mining Blitzes, deals and offers, new monuments, and famed parades. There’s even a special warp speed bonus for any pilots travelling through Gallente Space! Federation Day itself celebrates the people, history, and culture of the Gallente Federation, marking the founding of The Federated Union of Gallente Prime which took place in 1702AR (23121AD).

So don’t delay – log on now to secure SKINs, apparel, Skill Points, PLEX and Omega deals, and unforgettable time-limited gameplay experiences.