ArcheAge: Unchained : Battlefields and Beaches

Prepare for the beach, or to keep the peace in some of the most dangerous places of Erenor! Beginning on June 18th, you can do just that and look the part with the Lawkeeper Costume or the Sea Krait Swimsuit. If you’re looking to put up a wall between yourself and the forces of immense evil, the Crest Brick Wall Bundle offers customizability and sturdiness for a great price!

Keeping the Peace
Whatever your style and mood, there’s a costume to fit your style! Channel your inner ‘western vigilante’ with the Lawkeeper Costume that was created in honor of the Lawkeepers who maintained the peace on the outskirts of the Auroran territories. If you’d like to take a break from dispensing justice, slip into the Sea Krait Swimsuit to catch some waves or rays; the choice is yours! Don’t forget to apply suncream!

Lawkeeper Costume – 3000 Credits
Sea Krait Swimsuit – 1400 Credits

Assemble your Fortress
Wall out all evil forces with the Bound Crest Brick Wall Bundle! Select the items you want from a choice of 10 Bound Short Crest Brick Walls, 7 Bound Crest Brick Walls, 5 Bound Medium Crest Brick Walls, or 3 Bound Large Crest Brick Walls. If you’re looking for more customizability, you can purchase the walls separately too. Be wary, these items are only available for a limited time.

Bound Crest Brick Wall Bundle – 1000 Credits
Bound Short Crest Brick Wall – 150 Credits
Bound Crest Brick Wall – 200 Credits
Bound Large Crest Brick Wall – 500 Credits
Bound Medium Crest Brick Wall – 300 Credits

These deals will be sent out to sea on July 2nd, so grab them now!

Please Note: The Bound Character Slot Expansion Scroll will be disappearing from the Diligence Coin store on June 25th! But fret not Adventurer, these scrolls will return in the future. So grab them while you can.