The Fresh Start Land Rush Is Coming!

The Land Rush of Crazzian and Stena is coming! Get ready for a bloody battle over some of the most coveted spots in Erenor! You can claim land on June 20th for yourself or your family where you can build a house, a farm, or Fellowship Plaza! The lands on which you can place your very own designs in your style will become available at the following times:

The EU Fresh Start server Crazzian begin its Land Rush on June 20th at 8 AM UTC
The NA Fresh Start server Stena begin its Land Rush on June 20th at 10 AM PDT

To ensure you’re taking full advantage of the Land Rush, we advise having Tax Certificates and design of your choice beforehand on your character so there’s no scrambling to gather these after the lands unlock. You can grab House or Farm designs from Mirage Isle, the Marketplace, or even in the Diligence Store! If you lack sufficient Tax Certificates, you can purchase them for Diligence Coins or through completing Blue Salt Brotherhood quests! Once the lands are unlocked, get ready to place it by right-clicking your design in your inventory. It’s time to build!

Stay safe out there, Adventurer, these lands are worth fighting for.