ArcheAge: Battlefields and Beaches

Have you ever seen a magic trick that leaves you in awe? Well, let the Marvelous Mab take center stage and transform you into something truly magical beginning June 18th! Escape even the most formidable of foes with increased movement speed while taking on the appearance of a randomized creature. If you’re looking for a little more of a blessing, the 30-Day Traveler’s Blessing is here for you to enjoy a reduced Cooldown on your Recall and Teleport Book! Swap out your costume, or put up customizable brick walls in your house – the options are almost endless!

A Mab-elous Companion
Do you not believe in magic? We’ll make you a believer with the Marvelous Mab Crate and a chance to receive the Marvelous Mab pet or other useful consumables! The Marvelous Mab surely knows it’s power, and can transform it’s owner into a random creature and cancels all targeting for 3 seconds. You may be skilled, but a little increased movement speed never hurt anyone. The Marvelous Mab is surely a companion to get you out of any tricky situation.

Marvelous Mab Crate – 450 Credits

Keeping the Peace
Whatever your style and mood, there’s a costume to fit your style! Channel your inner ‘western vigilante’ with the Lawkeeper Costume that was created in honor of the Lawkeepers who maintained the peace on the outskirts of the Auroran territories. If you’d like to take a break from dispensing justice, slip into the Sea Krait Swimsuit to catch some waves or rays; the choice is yours! Just don’t get sunburnt!

Lawkeeper Costume – 3000 Credits “Sea Krait Swimsuit – 1400 Credits

Feeling Blessed
Well met, traveler! Receive the blessed benefits of the 30-Day Traveler’s Blessing. Decrease your Recall Cast-time and get 5 Hereafter Stones every 24 hours! That’s not all, receive a 50% cooldown reduction on your Teleport Book and Recall skill!

30-Day Traveler’s Blessing – 2000 Credits

Assemble your Fortress
Wall out all evil forces with the Crest Brick Wall Bundle! Select the items you want from a choice of 10 Short Crest Brick Walls, 7 Crest Brick Walls, 5 Medium Crest Brick Walls, or 3 Large Crest Brick Walls. If you’re looking for more customizability, you can purchase the walls separately too. Be wary, these items are only available for a limited time.

Crest Brick Wall Bundle – 1000 Credits
Short Crest Brick Wall – 150 Credits
Crest Brick Wall – 200 Credits
Large Crest Brick Wall – 500 Credits
Medium Crest Brick Wall – 300 Credits

These deals get turned into a randomized creature and take off on July 2nd, so grab them now!