ArcheAge: Manastorms and MOMumental Discounts

You’ll float too! Beginning on May 7th, you’ll be able to get your hands (or paws) on a bundle of helium-filled balloons, improve your gears stats with the use of tempering charms, and more! Additionally, we are celebrating the Motherly Love from the goddess Nui herself with limited time boosts. These deals will disappear on May 21st after the Marketplace update!

Don’t Let Go!
It’s said that the Balloon Magithopter was inspired by the beautiful and colorful blooms of Ahnimar. Its inventor, a Daru named Pero, is now renowned for the Magithopter as it became one of the most popular ways for travel by the Daru from then on! Have a chance to receive your very own Balloon Magithopter from the Balloon Crate. Grab a crate one at a time or purchase in bundles of up to 30!

Balloon Crate – 450 Credits

No Time Like the Present
Everyone loves gifts and Manastorm Crystals! Open your gift to see how many Manastorm Crystals you obtain. Each present can hold anywhere from 2 to 50 crystals, so make sure to give it a good shake! These gifts are limited to 2 per account so everyone can grab a gift of their own.

Manastorm Gift – 299 Credits*
*Limited to 2x per account

Motherly Love
It’s the time of year where we celebrate the mothers of the world! But, how could we forget the mother of all living creatures: Nui! In celebration of Mother’s Day weekend, we are offering boosts in the name of Nui for Experience gained and loot drop for a limited time! These items can be purchased 1x per day.

Nui’s XP Boost – 299 Credits**
Nui’s Loot Drop Boost – 299 Credits**
** Limited to 1x per account per day

Discounts Galore!
Receive a discount on items that will keep you going in ArcheAge like the Weapon and Armor Tempering charm that will increase the stats of your gear. Don’t want to risk it failing? Use the Anchoring Tempering Charms to remove the possibility of misfortune and double your rates of success! You can also receive a discount on the Language Proficiency Spellbook, which will temporarily increase your proficiency in both the Nuian and Haranyan languages. There is also a sale on both the Recovery Alembics and Crest Brainstorms individually and in packs up to 30! No matter your play style, there’s a discount for everyone!

Weapon Tempering Charm – 375 Credits
Armor Tempering Charm – 95 Credits
Resplendent Weapon Tempering Charm – 560 Credits
Resplendent Armor Tempering Charm – 190 Credits
Weapon Anchoring Tempering Charm – 1,125 Credits
Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm – 280 Credits
Language Proficiency Spellbook – 400 Credits
Restoration Alembic – 200 Credits
Crest Brainstorm – 240 Credits

These deals fly away in two weeks, so don’t wait!