ArcheAge: Unchained : MOMumental Discounts

Without mothers, where would we be? Nowhere! This week, beginning May 7th, we’re celebrating the mothers of Erenor with the special blessings of Nui herself. Additionally, we’ve discounted some helpful goods and beautiful costumes to keep you dolled up to visit your favorite mother in Erenor!

Motherly Love
It’s the time of year where we celebrate the mothers of the world! But, how could anyone forget the mother of all living creatures: Nui! Grab these boosts made by Nui herself as a display of love to her children. They are limited to 1 purchase per day, so make sure to grab them while you can!

Nui’s XP Boost – 1 Diligence Coin**
Nui’s Loot Drop Boost – 1 Diligence Coin**

** Limited 1x per day per account

Fungi Furniture
Get your hands on some furniture for your home that screams; ‘I’m a fun guy!’ with the Small Mushroom Decor Bundle. Each bundle comes with curated fungi themed furniture items that will bring put the ‘room’ in mushroom! While these mushrooms make good furniture pieces, please don’t try to eat them.

Small Mushroom Decor Bundle – 2250 Credits
Contains: Carved Stump Table, 2x Toadstool, Mushroom Carpet, Mushroom Table Lamp, 2x Mushroom Wall Lamp, Mushroom Plushie

Discounts Galore
Receive a hefty discount on items to keep you going in ArcheAge: Unchained! Grab a Bound Language Proficiency Spellbook to cram some Nuian and Haranyan languages in your brain for a lower price! Bound Fusion Alembics and Bound Crest Brainstorms are also steeply discounted so you can update your UCC for a fraction of the price. And who doesn’t love a good sale on costumes? The Golden Phoenix Regalia, Inquisitor’s Robes, and Lotusmist Costume are all at a reduced price until May 21st!

Bound Language Proficiency Spellbook – 480 Credits
Bound Fusion Alembic – 540 Credits
Bound Crest Brainstorm – 300 Credits
Golden Phoenix Regalia – 4095 Credits
Inquisitor’s Robes – 4095 Credits
Lotusmist Costume – 4095 Credits

These deals will disappear on May 21st, so make sure to embrace all the motherly love you can before they’re gone!