Queen Patch 11 – Known Issues [Update: 7th May]

Queen Patch 11 – Known Issues

  • Inventory is not accessible while using Marketplace or Black Market – Resolved with [6. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.1
  • Mail UI: The ‘Select All’ button does not work; i.e. you cannot delete messages or mark them as unread when using the ‘Select All’ option. – Resolved with [7. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.2. Persistent issue: when you have only 2 pages of messages and delete all messages from the second page, it will display empty mail UI – fixes itself after cluster change or relog
  • Android: The prompt to download the update from the old client is currently showing an outdated link – client must be downloaded directly from website. If you experience issues installing the APK, please uninstall the previous Albion Online version first
  • BitDefender may block the launch of the game for some users. If this occurs, disabling the program and enabling Windows Defender in its place may fix the problem. – Resolved, more info here
  • Animal farming pop-up cannot be disabled
  • Farm animal sound is too loudResolved with [7. May 2020] Queen Hotfix 11.2
  • New building icons hard to read – Will be reverted, see here
  • Guild member list can’t be sorted by last online
  • Mini-icons in market mails can no longer be clicked
  • Mail UI needs further polishing
  • Issues with Android installation/updating