ArcheAge: Skygazing and Cloud Chasing

Beginning April 9th and continuing till April 23rd, come for the fashion and majesty of our stay at home events. Whether you choose the stunning Flutterdance Robes or the unforgettable Golden Phoenix Regalia, you’ll make a showstopping appearance at all the events. Then soar away in style with impressive wings or hop upon something that feels like walking on a cloud.

Elegant Robes and Regalia
Everyone knows that a good outfit makes you feel luckier, right? So put your best-dressed foot forward with the Flutterdance Robes and the Golden Phoenix Regalia! The stunning gold and red are colors certain to make you look and feel like the luckiest hero in Erenor.

Flutterdance Robes – 2000 Credits
Golden Phoenix Regalia – 2000 Credits

Head in the Clouds
Soar high in the sky and glide your way through the refreshing air with the Manastorm Ticket: Showstopping Wings! Choose between the Wrapped Enhanced Rocket Wings #2, Wrapped Enhanced Nightfire Glider, Wrapped Enhanced Twilight Wings. Looking to touch the clouds on your way around Erenor? Grab the Manastorm Ticket: Walking on Clouds for your choice between the Wrapped Cumulus Magithopter, Wrapped Stormduster 1000, or the Wrapped Umbrella Magithopter.

Manastorm Ticket: Show-stopping Wings – 3000 Credits
Manastorm Ticket: Walking on Clouds – 3000 Credits

These deals flutter away in two weeks, so don’t waste a minute!