ArcheAge: Unchained : Reign over the Skies

Starting April 9th, you can stay home and explore the beautiful world of Erenor with your friends during our Free Trial weekend, and be sure to pick up the free goodies! Plus, get a beautiful Glider Customization for a steal on some of our most intricate designs.

Hoppin’ to Royalty
Put on your most regal attire with the Rabbit Queen Suit! If pink isn’t your preferred color of choice, you can change it up with a dye ticket. Nothing feels quite like being a Rabbit Queen, so be prepared for some royal treatment! Just like a lucky rabbit foot, this deal luckily lasts until April 23rd!

Rabbit Queen Suit – 3750 Credits

Free Weekend Travels
Travel safely and in-style with the Celestar mount and Umbrella Magithopter! Be sure to take to the skies in a truly magical fashion and invite your friends to join you. These items can be claimed once per character. Get these items during your free trial, or pick them up after you extend to the full version of the game! These items will be available until April 16, 2020.

3-day Celestar – Free
3-day Umbrella Magithopter – Free

Soaring High for Lower Prices
Get a great Glider Customization for a fraction of the price! Grab the Glider Customization: Inky Feathered Dragon to present a menacing shadow to those below you, you’re sure to appear like a real dragon yourself! Or you can grab the Blue Rainbow Glider Customization to blend into the vast and beautiful night sky. Whichever glider customization you choose (or both) they’re on a steal of a deal until April 16th!

Bound Glider Customization: Inky Feathered Dragon – 4095 Credits
Bound Glider Customization: Blue Rainbow – 4095 Credits

These deals hop, skip and fly away soon, so grab them while you can!