Start your Unchained Journey – for free!

From the 9th of April till the 13th of April, discover your legendary self for free with the first-ever limited-time event ArcheAge: Unchained free weekend!

For players who want to start their heroic adventures on EU, they can find themselves lost in adventure from 5 pm UTC on April 9th til 5 pm UTC on the 13th of April.

For the players who wish to begin on the NA servers, the gates are thrown open at 10 am PDT on April 9th and closed at 10 am PDT on April 13th.

Tell me more!
Players can partake in the free weekend through Glyph or Steam using the voucher code “AAUWEEKEND2020 ” and if you decide you want to continue your adventure and purchase ArcheAge: Unchained, you can continue exactly where you left off!

Be aware of the following though:
If you purchase the game on Glyph, you won’t be able to install it from Steam but luckily wherever you decide to purchase the game from you can continue your character from where you left off!

What else should I know?
To ensure there are no shenanigans, labor regeneration on accounts that partake in the free weekend will be temporarily disabled for the duration of the free trial unless you decide you want to buy the game.
Worry not, adventurer!
You can still hunt to your heart’s content, partake in all quests and almost all aspects of the game and anything is possible with friends! Want more information, click here!
Join the Official Discord to find like-minded adventurers here!
The game will be available at a discounted price until the 16th, check out the Glyph store for more.

Begin your journey to be the adventurer you want to be in the fight against the evil that vows to destroy Erenor here!

Please note: After the trial period is over, the accounts will lose their access within the next 24 hours.