From us, with Love! – Gifts for all: Part 4!

Starting on Thursday, March 5th and lasting until March 12th, come and get your free gifts once more! Cruise around Erenor on the Cogwheel Longboard or Steel Lightning, and get your decrystallization on with the free Decyrstallization Scrolls.

Cruise In Style

Pushing yourself off is so last year. For the next 7 days, cruise and relax on the Cogwheel Longboard powered by Daru engineering. While it might not be the grandest, it is sure to make you the coolest on the block. ***

*** This item can not be customized with a Crest Stamp.

Fast and Fiercest

Steel Lightning, with it’s steely blue appearance and ability to stealth amongst lightning, makes it one of the fiercest mounts out there. Tame this fabled snowlion that was born during a midnight lightning storm for 7 days free!

Decrystallize Your Gear

Crystallization may be inevitable, but now you can remove crystallization from your gear and continue your journey to Eternal grade gear with 2 free Decrystallization Scrolls as a gift from us!

Scroll: 7-Day Cogwheel Longboard – Free! *
7-Day Steel Lightning – Free! *
Decrystallization Scroll – Free! **

* 1 per account
** 2 per account

Additionally, ArcheAge: Unchained players can receive a Daily Gift from the Diligence store for 5 Diligence Coins! This daily gift will be available until March 19, 2020.

These items will disappear in a week during the next lightning storm, so don’t wait to pick them up soon!