ArcheAge: Wings and Other Amazing Things

Beginning March 5th, 2020 and lasting until March 19th, 2020 you can glide like an eagle with the Black Eagle Glider Companion or choose between 3 wondrous Winged Mounts and soar to incredibly new heights with the Manastorm Ticket: Winged Mounts.

Glide Like an Eagle

You don’t need to be a Firran to enjoy their taming prowess. Glide from destination to destination on the back of the majestic Black Eagle Glider Companion and leave your enemies stranded on land or sea gasping in awe at its massive wingspan.

Black Eagle Crate – 450 Credits
Black Eagle Glider Companion – 650 Loyalty

Oh My, The Places You’ll Fly!

These Winged Mounts were made for flying and that’s just what they’ll do! Choose between the elegant Wrapped Celestial Pegasus, the menacing Wrapped Typhoon Drake or the dangerous Wrapped Frost Dragon. Straddle up for the ride of a lifetime.

Manastorm Ticket: Winged Mounts – 4000 Credits
Choose one of the following:
Wrapped Celestial Pegasus
Wrapped Typhoon Drake
Wrapped Frost Dragon

Don’t hold out, in 2 weeks these deals will vanish into thin air!

Known Issues:
The Typhoon Drake’s “Overwhelm” ability does not apply Damage-over-Time (DoT). This issue has already been reported.