Patch 7 Player Migration – Outland Portal Zones

Hello all,

As announced, Queen Patch 7 (planned for deployment on Wednesday, March 11th) will include changes to Outland portal zones, including the addition of new connections between these zones and neighboring ones. You can learn more about these changes and the intent behind them here: Anti Portal-Ganking Measures with Patch 7

Because this involves changing terrain, exits, and collisions, players in the affected zones will be moved to the nearest exit within their current zone.

Players in the open world in the following zones (i.e. not in Dungeons or Hideouts) when Patch 7 goes live will be automatically moved to the nearest exit – note that this includes players in territories in these zones, who may spawn outside their territory when the patch goes live:

Windgrass Gully
Windgrass Border
Windgrass Rill
Windgrass Portal North
Windgrass Portal South
Windgrass Portal West
Windgrass Precipice
Mudfoot Sump

Wdemoor Pool
Willowshade Wetlands
Widemoor Estuary
Widemoor Portal North
Widemoor Portal West
Widemoor Portal South
Widemoor Shore
Widemoor Delta

Whitebank Stream
Whitebank Cross
Whitebank Shore
Whitebank Portal North
Whitebank Portal South
Whitebank Portal East
Frostpeak Vista
Whitebank Descent

Sandrift Prairie
Sandrift Coast
Sandrift Steppe
Sandrift Portal West
Sandrift Portal North
Sandrift Portal East
Sandrift Shore
Farshore Bay

no affected zones