Community Crunch 313: Desmodus Creature Spotlight and More!

Greetings Survivors!

Last week we announced the transition of the Official ARK wiki! We’ve been reading your feedback and decided to create a thread so you have a place to share your thoughts. Stop by and give the ARK wiki team your feedback!

In this Community Crunch, we’re excited to share with the community another Creature Spotlight trailer for Fjordur! Many have been waiting for Desmodus to take flight since it won the second Community Creature Vote! This week we get one step closer to the inevitable debut of Desmodus on Fjordur! Here’s your first look at the monstrous Desmodus, the next creature included with the free DLC map Fjordur!

Soar through the skies, instilling fear in your enemies with Desmodus as your deadly companion, and gain an undeniable advantage of stealth with the ability to cloak yourself amongst your surroundings.

Desmodus makes its appearance when Fjordur releases in June 2022!! Will it be love at first bite!?

Are you looking for Official ARK media? We’ve created an ARK Media Kit that includes all of our official media that has been released throughout the years.

Within the folder, you will find years of media content from in-game events, Story Expansions, and Map DLC’s. Can’t find something you’re looking for? Reach out to our community team and let us know! Going forward, the content that’s released in the Community Crunch will be available in the ARK Media Kit shortly after the Community Crunch goes live (like the recently released Desmodus trailer)!

Visit the ARK Media Kit

There will be no EVO event this week.

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Phoenix Flaming Star#4365

Creator: Complete Games

What are the best ways to heal your favorite companions in ARK? Complete Games takes a look at various methods of healing your tames.

Creator: Veno

Veno is taking a shot at ranking every tameable creature in ARK. Do you agree with Veno’s assessments?

Adventure in Aberration by Sunima

Me and my Bro as Bobs by Wallpaper#5740

Bulbdog by @ebiflyyyy4

New Piece to my Collection by BaseballxHero#4775

ARK-Boxelder the Rex by KattailsDesigns

Relaxing Break (о´ ∀ `о) by @sis_6193




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