Community Beat – Fanfest Edition

Greetings Capsuleers,

Welcome to this special Fanfest edition of the Community Beat! This time next week, many of you will already have descended on the rock to meet your friends, corpmates, and EVE Online developers. You‘ve been able to feel the vibe of Fanfest’s return around the office for many weeks, but we are growing increasingly excited to actually high-five old friends and make new connections over the event week. A lot is going on, so if you have not already, do make sure to check out the Fanfest 2022 Megablog we released earlier.

The Community team

It has been a good few years since we last met at an official event. We want to better introduce the Community team to all the pilots coming to the world’s best player convention. Our team are your primary points of contact – the Masters of the Ceremony, so to speak – who will be working tirelessly to ensure you are safe and having a fantastic time at Fanfest 2022.

So, let’s see who is up to what at Fanfest!

Dan – CCP Convict

The immortal CCP Convict has been with us for a while, and you might have flown with him in-game at some point in the 18 years he has been playing EVE Online. He is also a party veteran, so when you see him running around the venue, making sure all the online viewers get the best FF experience (and some SKINs!), give him a stellar high-five!

Current death count: 12

Peter – CCP Swift

CCP Swift, formerly known as Elise Randolph, needs no introduction. After 13 months on the job, he continues to grace everyone with the brightest smile known to humanity. Arguably, he has the best taste in music on the team. The rumor has it that you might score some extra drink tickets for the Party on the Top of the World by hugging him.

Bergur – CCP Paragon

It goes without saying that CCP Paragon is more excited about Fanfest 2022 than any other living organism in the known universe. He’s a seasoned FC, who once graciously offered dozens of dreads to his enemies during the armor timer on M-OEE8. Since CCP Paragon joined the team, we’ve decreased our average survivability rate doing roams from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

Aiden – CCP Zelus

CCP Zelus might be the newest member on the team, but if you have ever played in EVE Online’s tournament scene, you’ll certainly have got a taste of General Stargazer’s iron fist treatment. Spoiler alert: he is a complete teddy bear in real life, but we would advise against squeezing him too hard. Can be found in Thunderdome at Fanfest!

Elias – CCP Bureaucat

Not actually a cat but, CCP Bureaucat still has his paws in a lot of things around the office. CCP Bureaucat is behind EVE Online’s social media, and spends a disproportionate amount of time on the official Discord server chatting away with everybody. When fresh blood in New Eden, CCP Convict once gave him a ship that he forgot, stationed 30 jumps away – a ship which he has tried to retrieve ever since, to no avail. New Player tips on how to avoid gate camps are welcome.

Kamil – CCP Dopamine

A baby in a man’s body who promised not to cry on stage again. CCP Dopamine supports the rest of the gang while they are out in space delivering awesomeness to pilots across New Eden.

*Warning: risk of overdose. Please administer in moderation. *

Join us at the Fanfest roundtables!

The community team are also going to host a couple of roundtables. There’ll be one to talk tournaments, and a second to discuss anything related to the community: programs, Council of Stellar Management, contests, social media, Twitch, communications, etc. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!

There are also many more excited CCPers that have spent the last several weeks preparing different things to make Fanfest a fantastic experience for you all, ranging from the content of the presentations to roundtables, extra activities, and much more.

John Bellicose Day

We want to extend the invitation from the Brave Alliance to take part in the Annual John Bellicose day to all Capsuleers. This Vigil will run from 23:59 on the April 28 until 00:00 on April 30:

We will be holding a 24h Cyno vigil in honor of John Bellicose, an inspirational member of the Brave community who sadly lost his life to suicide.

John Bellicose day is an honored tradition held by the Brave Alliance. The connections we make in this game are very real and very much a large part of this social game we play. Taking care of yourselves outside the game is important.

We will host the event on our home station Broadcast4Reps in Q-5211 in Pure Blind. We have another station in system that will be freeported and supplied with Cyno equipment & Fireworks for the day of the event.

We would ask that on this day All Brave pilots be welcoming and stay classy.

  • Naverin