Race Your Heart Out Event

Race to the finish line as fast as you can on the Mirage Isle track during the designated time and day for a chance to win Scroll: 10-Day Improved Cogwheel Longboard! All other participants will receive a consolation prize of 1x Admin’s Handmade Candy.


Must use the Festival Steambike available during the event in Mirage Isle to win.
You cannot use a personal vehicle scroll that you own, it must be a festival version provided.
You must be the first racer to complete the track while remaining within bounds of the track at all times.
The first one to complete the track will be the winner.

The Scheduled Times are as follows for this event:

NA Servers
Aria: July 29 at 1PM PDT
Akmit: July 30 at 1PM PDT
Dochul: August 2 at 1PM PDT
Godfrey: August 3 at 1PM PDT
Marmas: August 4 at 1PM PDT

EU Servers
Arkanis: July 28 at 3PM UTC
Carmila: July 30 at 3PM UTC
Hieronimus: August 2 at 3PM UTC
Jakar: August 3 at 3PM UTC
Okape: August 4 at 3PM UTC

Get ready and rev your engines! This event will only visit servers once.