Guild Spotlight – Serpent Bearer Omen

Today, we want to shine a little light on Arkanis’ Guild Serpent Bearer Omen! Serpent Bearer Omen isn’t your “typical” collection of people – they’re a small yet dedicated group of players, facing any strong foe. Together, they won 2nd place in our #ArcheAgeHeroes Contest, so let’s hear what they have to say!

Serpent Bearer Omen

How long have you played ArcheAge?
I started ArcheAge once the EU Alpha was released and had many breaks during my gameplay; our main healer restarted to play before the merge (of EU servers) after long years of break, and most of our DPS started the game at the Akasch Invasion updates.

When was your guild formed?
The guild was formed at the creation of Arkanis; the last guild was the legacy of our garden expedition and this new one reflects our sympathy for Orchidna and the advent of Akaschs.

What is your guild’s focus?
Our guild does only PvE content.
We want to get power, face strong monsters, and beat them! We may not be an army, but our fights are always epic 😀
Sometimes I bring my members into a deep exploration of the world, to show them some nice hidden spots.

How does Serpent Bearer Omen contribute to the community on Arkanis?
Right now, we’re playing on our own. Some guilds that don’t like us try to convince people that we are bad persons (We’re just hostile to people with bad behavior).
Our biggest contribution might be giants gardens we occasionally make. A lot of people don’t like it, but the green everywhere is beautiful and changing the map aspect makes fights more unpredictable.
If we’re allowed to plant almost everywhere, why would we restrict ourselves?

Do you have any special rituals before doing certain content?
We do have special rituals:
• When we level up our guild, we go back in the past and stand in front of the awakened Orchidna.
• When we prepare for dungeons, exploration, … We regroup at our guild’s tavern and wait for everybody!

Are you recruiting? If so, what are your requirements to join?
We are always looking for new mates!
The only requirement to join us is to be determined to be fully dedicated in PvE (We do not gear to do PvP)!
We are not complete, and we need various player types: DPS, buffer, debuffer, etc.
If one day we reach 15 active players, something that never has been done in ArcheAge will happen 🙂

Why is ArcheAge so important to you and your guildies?
ArcheAge compared to other MMO’s grants the player absolute freedom of actions, a unique range of power, a giant world, and big bosses!
Going around the world and doing something different every day is very attractive.

What sets your guild apart from the rest?
As far as I know, we’re the only guild fully dedicated to PvE, and we also like to find secrets hidden by the devs.
We fully enjoy the freedom given by the game, and never let people stop us because they don’t accept what we are doing.
We also have our personal guild homeland at Solzreed Peninsula and a castle on the Pirate Island, Yaaaaar!

Is there anything else you would like to say?
As the time running and the Ipnya’s seals fading away; we plan to end the adventure with the most insane achievement possible. It would be fun to have more people to play with and end the ArcheAge adventure the best way possible!
This contest was a great opportunity to introduce our guild and get more members; we hope to get new mates!

Dear Serpent Bearer Omen, we hope you achieve all of your goals! Thank you for letting us get to know you!