Community Crunch 260: Eggcellent Adventure 6 and More!

Eggcellent Adventure 6

From Wednesday, March 31st through Wednesday, April 14th, be on the lookout for wild Bunny Dodo’s and Bunny Oviraptor’s to gather Bunny Eggs for some eggcellent loot. Place down Bunny Eggs to paint on them, or use them in a Crafting Pot to craft special holiday-themed cosmetics including a new bunny tail skin, a new tail wiggle emote, and 5 new chibi’s!

Event Details

This event can be manually activated with the server arg parameter: -ActiveEvent=Easter


3/31 – 4/14


Bunny Dodos

Bunny Oviraptors


Official Servers: 3x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus

Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus

ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, 5x Harvesting, 5x Taming, and 5x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus

Classic: 4.5x XP, 4.5x Harvesting, 4.5x Taming, and 4x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus

Classic 2: 7x XP, 7x Harvesting, 7x Taming, and 6x Breeding, 1.5x Hexagon Bonus


Bunny Tail *NEW*

Procoptodon Bunny Costume

Bunny Ears Skin

Dino Bunny Ears Skin

Easter Chick Hat Skin

Dino Easter Chick Hat Skin

Easter Egg Hat Skin

Dino Easter Egg Hat Skin

Marshmallow Hat Skin

Dino Marshmallow Hat Skin

E4 Remote Eggsplosives Skin

Easter Egghead Skin

Chocolate Rabbit Club Skin

Sweet Spear Carrot Skin


Bunny Egg

Festive Dino Candy


Tail Wiggle Emote *NEW*

Bunny Hop Dance Emote


Easter Jerboa *NEW*

Easter Chick *NEW*

Thorny Dragon *NEW*

Achatina *NEW*

X-Sabertooth *NEW*

Wild Event Creature Colors


Light Green

Light Yellow

Light Orange

Light Red

Dino Light Brown

Dino Dark Brown




Dino Medium Blue









Small Tribes Rules Update

A couple of weeks back, we announced that we would be honing the ruleset for Small Tribes servers along with implementing some teaming report requirements in order to make our Enforcement Team’s investigative process more efficient:

Community Crunch 257: LiveOps Update, New Sponsored Mods, and more!

We consulted with our enforcement team and had some much-appreciated talks with a large number of players from the Small Tribes community in order to hone our approach to improving quality of life and enforcement on these servers. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Rules Overview

One of the most impactful changes will be considering tribes benefitting from another tribe’s defenses as teaming. We are giving 4 weeks notice (9th April 2021) before the enforcement team will act on these specific rules in order to provide tribes time to relocate or otherwise adjust defenses.

We’re also clarifying that open-world PvP is okay. The rules will get into the nitty-gritty, but essentially, if it’s out in the open and away from a base and doesn’t include a FOB or a bunch of dinos that can be considered raiding meta dinos eg: box build racers etc, it’s fair game to PvP freely and grab those kits. We want players to be able to have spontaneous fun in the open world without keeping tabs on who may randomly show up to join in.

Another impactful clarification is: Bases in different locations are open to being attacked by different tribes simultaneously. In essence, don’t build whatcha can’t defend.

Teaming ticket guidelines

It’s impossible for the enforcement team to always join a server and investigate teaming reports live. Sometimes it happens and it’s great but we’d like to improve on the efficiency of investigations, especially retroactive enforcement action after the fact if the team is unable to check it out live and in the moment.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of teaming reports only include a screenshot of tribelogs and this is very rarely sufficient evidence for the enforcement team to take action.

We’ve put together a guide on what will assist you and the enforcement team in a more thorough investigation and swift enforcement action.

Video should include

short overview of action going on

Indicate the relative position of associated bases/FOBs

Please show who owns them (use spyglass)

If possible, try to show where the action is taking place (players/dinos)

spyglass of people names

should show shortly before or after they teamed

for longer videos

include timestamps where stuff can be seen

Tribe names and player names must be included in the videos

Videos should be submitted via a Youtube link (see help article) here

Screenshots/videos of tribe logs is not sufficient evidence for action in the vast majority of cases.

More Severe Enforcement Action:

Another change of note that works in harmony with more thorough submissions of evidence is the severity of enforcement action for certain cases. Enforcement will be looking at more frequently wiping “main” bases of offenders rather than focusing the FOB and player bans (those things will continue to happen too though!) Please be aware and take this as a heads up

The full updated rules can be found here
Teaming ticket guide can be found here

This round of changes may require further iteration but we consider some ongoing tweaking and potential growing pains worth it in order to provide a better experience for Smalls players in the long term. Looking forward to your feedback as we gauge how this plays out!

Fan Content Guidelines

ARK content creators are a large part of the core of the ARK community. Whether you share screenshots you take in-game, create videos of your experiences, stream, or make fan art, you are the force helping to create connections and communities along with driving millions of views and viewing hours of ARK content across social media platforms and streaming sites. Sometimes knowing what is fair to use and in what context it can be used may be a little confusing.

Recently, we’ve been approached in regards to what type of content you can create and share without concerns that you’re infringing on the IP. So, to make this simple we’ve created a page for ARK fans to help bridge the gap and understand what’s fair game.

Fan Content Guidelines

We are grateful for your unending enthusiasm and engaging content contributions showcasing ARK over the last 5 years. Here’s to the years ahead surviving, and thriving, in game!

EVO Event

There will be no EVO event this week or while Eggcellent Adventure is live.

Community Corner


🎥Creator: Tiia

Ever wanted to get into breeding but didn’t know where to start? You’re just in luck! Tiia takes you on a beginner-friendly tour.

🎥Creator: Jukari

Check out the main them for ARK: The Lost Stories, an upcoming episodic series in the form of 3 standalone stories.

🎨Fan Art 🎨

🎨 PikA – Ferox ARK :Survival Evolved

🎨 EmilyStepp- Catapult Karkinos Concept

🎨 DjayMasi- ARK Stories Preview

🎨 Rexyzilla- Chibi Megachelon

🎨 Slither06#0006- Snow Owl

📸In-Game Screenshots 📸

📸 RoyaleWithCheese (@FunWithCheese)

📸 Fet’s Luck (puppa w/ dat ice)#8539

📸 BackedbroomGaming#7846

📸 catw3b

See you next week! Studio Wildcard

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