Call to Arms – Known Issues (Update: March 25th)

  • [Mobile] Target locking after tapping the auto-attack button does not work
    • Note: You can Drag/Hold instead of Tapping to help with changing the target, but if you move around a lot and spam the button, this could cause the target to change constantl

We are working on resolving the above issues in upcoming patches and we will update this list along the way!

Resolved with Patch 1:

  • [UI] Marketplace has no paging
  • Crafting recipe of T5 Caerleon Greywolf contains the incorrect city heart
  • Faction points gained through Premium Status currently do not count towards the Faction Campaign
  • Fish Sandwiches and Fish Soups are missing their Spell Descriptions
  • Faction PvE buff is not re-applied when character gets up after knockdown or respawns in same cluster
  • Potions/Food turn invisible when equipped into inventory with Loadouts via Chest, while exactly one Stack in Chest is too high
    • Temporary workaround: You can either relog or use sort option in inventory to reveal the items

Resolved with hotfix:

  • [Mobile] Marketplace buildings in Lymhurst, Thetford and Fort Sterling are missing
  • Hellgates, Corrupted and Solo Dungeons are not spawning as frequently as intended
  • Disconnecting while knocked down in Faction Warfare can cause some players to remain knocked down indefinitely
  • Temporary workaround: Please try to ask for a GM for help in the ingame chat