The Season 11 Crystal League Championship is Coming!…b013f174918cdbfa07eda6667

The Season 11 Crystal League Championship is coming up very soon and we hope you’ve polished your weapons and dusted off your boots in time for this! All teams who won one Level 9 match or two or more Level 8 matches (with the same 5 characters) are invited to participate, with a bunch of brand-new and valuable prizes at stake.

Here are the details which have been confirmed:


  • The Championship will take place on the following dates:
    • Saturday, March 6
    • Sunday, March 7
    • The exact timings will be confirmed at a later date, but are likely to be similar to the previous Tournament
  • Battles will be full loot and players will have to bring their own gear
  • Matches will run on shorter timers to provide more flexibility on match slot times. Specific times will be allocated to the teams prior to each match. Teams should be prepared to play matches back-to-back if so required


Full details regarding the match structure (ie. double elimination, best-of-three, etc) will be announced after the Season 11 Crystal League Level 9 match, when the actual number of participating teams are known. In general, the Championship will run as follows:

Saturday, March 6: Group Stage

  • IP Softcap 1500

Sunday, March 7: Semi-Finals, Match for Third Place & Grand Finals

  • IP Softcap 1700

Note: For all matches across March 6-7, each round won delivers Level 3 off-season rewards


  • Participants have to use the same team (same character) that played in the Season 11 Crystal League Level 8 & 9
  • Each team can allocate one substitute in total for the entire Championship
  • Each team must assign a Captain to be the main point of contact between the Championship organizers, Game Masters and the team
  • All matches must be initiated via Energy Manipulator in Martlock (special tokens will provided to the teams prior to each match)
  • Teams must provide the following information to the Championship organizers (DM me on the forum) by Tuesday, March 2nd, 11 UTC:
    • List of team members
    • Substitute allocation
    • Captain allocation
  • Teams should only sign up for the match slots they have been allocated to by the Championship organizers and/or Game Masters
  • Use of exploits and/or glitches are not allowed in the Championship
  • Use of legacy abilities that have been removed from an item (ie. Flash Heal on Q skill of Holy Staffs) is not allowed
  • Participating with 2 or more characters that belong to the same player is prohibited. This also includes participating in other teams on a different character.
  • Each team must act in the spirit of sportsmanship and work towards its own victory in all matches. If anyone is suspected of violating this, for instance, by colluding and/or not competing, they will be penalized

Substitute rules

  • The substitute can be used in all matches
  • If a team decides to use its substitute in a match, the Captain should indicate this to the Game Master they are allocated to prior to the specific match
  • Substitutes for the winning teams will be awarded the same prizes as their team members
  • Changes to substitutes can be made up to 24 hours before the Championship starts. No further changes, for any reason, are allowed after that

Any participant and/or team found breaking the rules may be penalized at the Championship organizers’ discretion. All decisions are final. The penalties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Suspension from one or more matches
  • Suspension from the remainder of the Championship and/or future tournaments
  • Matches can be voided or declared a different result by the Championship organizers


The following prizes apply for the first- through fourth-place winners:

  • First Place: Each player on the winning team will receive the brand-new, extremely rare Saber Tiger Rex Swiftclaw skin unlock item and 10,000 Gold
  • Second Place: Each player will receive the White Tiger skin unlock item along with 5,000 Gold
  • Third Place: Each player will receive the Jousting Horse skin unlock item along with 5,000 Gold
  • Fourth Place: Each player will receive the Steelplate Cougar skin unlock item along with 5,000 Gold

This thread will be updated with more details as we go along, so please keep checking back!…b013f174918cdbfa07eda6667