Community Crunch 256: Introducing Voidwyrm & Update on Genesis II

We know that what you want is news on Genesis II, so let’s not mince words and get straight to it: We have decided to push our final DLC release date to May 26th, for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia.

First and foremost, please accept our humble apologies. We’re disappointed and have no doubt, everyone, eagerly awaiting Genesis II will feel that along with us.

As we have shared before, the Studio transitioned to working remotely near the beginning of last year, presenting some particular constraints. Being entirely virtual is quite challenging for various teams with a shift from an in-office workflow.

In addition to the complications of working remotely, one challenge has been figuring out how to close out the ARK saga faithfully. From a narrative, cinematic, and end-game-wise perspective, it’s something close to our hearts that we want to honor as the grand finale.

This journey we’ve all taken through ARK: Survival Evolved over the past six years is important to our players and us, and the extra time will make a massive difference to the quality of the Gen II when it lands in your hands. We’re passionate about delivering something truly special, and we’re confident this extension will allow us to give you the epic finale you deserve.

And on that note, we’d like to introduce you to the formidable Voidwyrm, a powerful and challenging new tame that will soar above the ARK with the launch of Genesis II!

Download in high resolution

Internally, we think of Genesis Part II as having two significant philosophical changes in comparison to Genesis Part I. These changes are a direct result of player feedback:

The entire map is open and livable, with minimal no-build zones that avoid disrupting the over-world and an esthetically pleasing environment.

Structures, items, and creatures have been designed to assist and improve gameplay and QoL for all of our players and designed to expand the meta in meaningful ways.

Download in high resolution

On behalf of the Wildcard team, we want to thank you for your ongoing support and passion. We’re looking forward to sharing ARK: Survival Evolved’s final climactic chapter with you!

Studio Wildcard

EVO Event

Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk! It will be active until Friday the 26th of February to Monday the 1st of March. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

2X Harvesting


Community Corner

🎥 Clips/Videos 🎥

🎥Creator: Gamology

Anthropologist and Survival expert, Kinga Philipps, reacts to ARK.

🎥Creator: Raasclark

Want to get your hands on the latest Federation Gloves? Raasclark shows you how in a recent video.

🎥Creator: Sven P

Check out an epic castle build deep in the Redwoods biome with Sven P. We’ve also included a screenshot of the completed build in the screenshots section.

🎥Creator: Mr Dolphin

Say goodbye to that TEK Skiff.

🎥Creator: Rockapolis Gaming

Here’s a quick 3×3 base that has all the essentials you need to get started!

🎨 Fan Art 🎨

🎨 KingCrownee – Zombie Fire Wyvern & Zombie Lightning Wyvern

🎨 NeoVanilluxe – ARK Thorny Dragon

🎨 Kohaku-senpai – Wyvern

🎨 Vahilor – Santiago Mek Pilot

🎨 HeatherPeoples – Griffin

📸In-Game Screenshots 📸

📸 sefiroultima#7980

📸Medusa Greek

📸 KingWillrus#2876


Enjoy your weekend! Studio Wildcard

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