ArcheAge – Sweet Furniture, Weapon Images, and Dreams!

Get into the Valentine’s Day mood with weapon and instrument images, furniture, and packs that are sure to be sweeter than chocolate! These sweet deals and more await you in our latest ArcheAge Marketplace Update.

Ice Cream Shaman Style

This Pack has everything you need and is available until February 18! Take a ride on a creature created by a Nuon god, dress like a powerful Dark Shaman, sail the seas on a festively adorable Lonely Isle Dinghy, and more.

Ice Cream Shaman Pack (Unchained) – 5900 Credits*
– Gloomwraith Kirin
– Dark Shaman’s Raiment
– Scroll: Lonely Isle Dinghy
– Beer Tower
– Bound Melon-Flavored Ice Cream Weapon Chest

All items are bound on pickup.
*Limited to 1x per character

Welcome to the dark side!

Explore your dark side and transform into a demon, or become a demon devotee instead. The choice is yours! Dress to impress until February 18.

Demon’s Kiss Costume – 1200 Credits
Chimera Agent Uniform – 2650 Credits
Chimera Ceremonial Uniform – 2650 Credits

Freestyle Dancing

Dancing is the fastest way to someone’s heart; that’s what we’ve said. Let loose, wow your friends, or woo that special someone that’s caught your attention. Available until February 18.

Dance: Pole Dance – 950 Credits
Dance: Funky Friday – 1500 Credits

It’s Getting Hot in Erenor

Pick up a reliable companion that doubles as a space heater in chilly situations! Have a chance to receive the fearsome Emberpaw from the Emberpaw Crate (Legacy), or pick up the Cold Flames Costume Crate for a costume that will keep you all fired up even in the peaks of the snowy Hiram Mountains. Available until February 11.

Emberpaw Crate (Legacy) – 450 Credits

Cold Flames Costume Crate – 1800 Credits
– Image Item: Cold Flames Hood
– Image Item: Cold Flames Shirt
– Image Item: Cold Flames Pants
– Image Item: Cold Flames Gloves
– Image Item: Cold Flames Shoes

Sweet Dreams and Valentine Themes!

Sweet or romantic, it’s time for decorating makeover!

Desserted Cottage Design – 3000 Credits*

Wrapped Rustic Valentine’s Furniture Bundle – 3000 Credits
– Trysting Tent x1
– Romantic Campfire x1
– Lovers’ Log Bench x2
– Cupid’s Fireworks x2

Wrapped White Romance Table – 850 Credits
Cupid’s Fireworks – 400 Credits
Trysting Tent – 2200 Credits
Lovers’ Log Bench – 350 Credits
Romantic Campfire – 350 Credits

Daru’s Special Costume Offer: #8

Do you need a new set of threads? Don’t worry, let the Darus choose for you with the Daru’s Special Costume Offer: #8! Bundle up for the colder climates of Erenor with a chance to receive either the Kyprosa’s Winter Furs, Winter Yata Costume, or the Holiday Snow Cow Costume. This item is available until March 4.

Daru’s Special Costume Offer: #8 – 799 Credits*
Chance to receive one of the following:
Kyprosa’s Winter Furs, Winter Yata Costume, Holiday Snow Cow Costume

* Limited to 1x per account

Sweet and Sophisticated Image Items

With the item images made just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can play tunes on your Floral Flute and head to the battlefield with your Sweet Sprinkle Staff until February 18! If sophistication is more your thing, pick up the Obsidian Shields or the Obsidian Dagger/Swords/Katanas Image Items, available until February 11.

Floral Flute – 200 Credits
Macaron Mandolin – 200 Credits
Sugarshot Bow – 200
Credits Bonbon Beheader – 200 Credits
Chocolate Chopper – 200 Credits
Marshmallow Maul – 200 Credits
Marshmallow Masher – 200 Credits
Sweet Sprinkle Staff – 200 Credits
Sweet Sprinkle Scepter – 200 Credits
Perennial Pike – 200 Credits
Perennial Poker – 200 Credits
Backstab Boutonniere – 200 Credits
Nosegay Nodachi – 200 Credits
Bouquet Blade – 200 Credits
Garland Greatsword – 200 Credits
Fragrant Fencer – 200 Credits
Blossom Bulwark – 200 Credits

Obsidian Shields (Unchained) – 360 Credits
– Image Item: Widowshroud (Shield)
– Image Item: Seer’s Anticipation (Shield)
– Image Item: Voidspell (Shield)

Obsidian Daggers/Swords/Katanas (Unchained) – 1200 Credits
– Image Item: Insanity Point (Dagger)
– Image Item: Assassin’s Secret (Dagger)
– Image Item: Sacrificial Desire (Dagger)
– Image Item: Nightmare Point (Dagger)
– Image Item: Endless Thirst (Sword)
– Image Item: Shadowhawk’s Nightmist (Sword)
– Image Item: Souldrinker (Sword)
– Image Item: Moonsong Razor (Katana)
– Image Item: Scoundrel’s Moon (Katana)
– Image Item: Dirgebringer (Katana)

An Extra Sweet Treat

Increase your Loot Drop and Loot Gold Rates by +10% with the Wrapped Marvelous Chocolate. Oh! You can also use it as a building material for Dessert furniture. And score a great deal on a Chocolate Treat every day for 10 Credits. It will increase your XP Gain and Loot Drop Rate by +50% for both you and the person you give the buff!

Wrapped Marvelous Chocolate – 800 Credits
Chocolate Treat – 10 Credits**

** Limited to 1x per day

Monthly Packages

February Packages are here! Be sure to restock on your favorite monthly packages before they are swapped out again in March.

February Lucky Hiram Awakening Package – 2100 Credits****
February Hiram Infusion Pack – 700 Credits***
February Fuel Pack – 800 Credits***
February Brilliant Hiram Awakening Pack – 2450 Credits***
February Brilliant Guardian Pack – 350 Credits*****
February Brilliant Hiram Infusion Pack – 840 Credits***
February Glorious Hiram Pack – 2800 Credits***
Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll Quest Starter – 5600 Credits*
Wrapped 28-Day Hiram Awakening Scroll Quest Starter – 5600 Credits*
Wrapped 28-Day Lucky Infusion Quest Starter – 4200 Credits*
Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Infusion Quest Starter – 2400 Credits***
Wrapped 28-Day Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll Quest Starter – 2800 Credits***
February Synthesis Pack – 2000 Credits***
February Lunar Temper Pack – 3000 Credits***
February Solar Temper Pack – 3000 Credits***
February Superior Equipment Pack – 7500 Credits***
February Equipment Pack – 5000 Credits***
February Dedicated Laborer Pack – 2500 Credits*
February 30-Day Traveler’s Blessing – 2000 Credits***

* Limited to 1x per character
*** Limited to 1x per account
**** Limited to 2x per account
***** Limited to 3x per account

Most of these admirable deals end on February 18, so grab yours while you can!