Fleet Discovery Improved

In the rich universe of New Eden, many activities can be more fun, efficient, or offer a larger destructive power when performed in groups. The new Fleet Discovery update makes it easier for Capsuleers to find and create fleets with other players that fit their plans!

Better Fleet Discovery

Soon, as a new pilot, you will be able to utilize the new Fleet Up tool located in the center of The Agency to find and join fleets that match your skill level and interests.

Agency Fleet Finder 2

Are you looking to fleet up and do some mining? Sort by Resource Harvesting to view active fleets, read their descriptions, compare how far away from you they are operating and if they meet your criteria, then simply request to join!

The new Fleet Up tool also supports filtering for fleets that are new player friendly, so as a fresh pilot, you will have an easier way to spot groups that will help you on your journey in the harsh vastness of space and connect you to the content you’re after!

Fleet Commanders Rejoice

The added functionality in the Fleet Discovery update will also help Fleet Commanders (FCs) classify fleets more precisely, so you can recruit for Incursions, Faction Warfare, or seek out the experienced hot-droppers to help you achieve your grand plans much faster!

You can head over to the Singularity Test Server now to discover and try out all the functionalities of this new upcoming feature. If you do, please share your thoughts by joining the player discussion on the EVE Online forums, Twitter, or the EVE Online subreddit.

Fly safe, and fly together!