Fire & Ice: Store Additions

Get ready for hot and cold weather with our newest additions to the store! Whether you’re seeking a new outfit with the Icekissed Warrior Garb or taking care of yourself by chilling in a cool (or warm) Hotspring Pond, you’re sure to find your favorite item!

ArcheAge – Frigid Elegance

Icekissed Warrior Garb

Fashionable warriors from colder regions LOVE the Icekissed Warrior Garbs. They’re both warm and stylish, and thus widely popular. Take a chance and grab yours! The Icekissed Warrior Crate is available until Thursday, January 28.

Icekissed Warrior Crate – 450 Credits

ArcheAge: Unchained – Keeping Warm in the Hot Spring

Bound Hotspring Pond

Wind down and relax in the Hotspring Pond. This Pond has two temperature modes to keep you warm in the harsh winter months, and cool in the hot summers of Erenor! Available until Thursday, January 28. Please note that this item is purely cosmetic and has no power.

Bound Hotspring Pond – 1800 Credits*
*Limited to 1x per account

These offers won’t last forever, so get your favorite item while you can!