Status on 6.400 Release Wipe

Hello fellow Crows!

We want to confirm that with the release of game update 6.400 on LIVE, we will need to do a full wipe, including characters, items and Eternal Kingdoms (all purchases will be reset so they can be re-imported).  

We try to avoid wipes whenever possible and we always evaluate all available options to avoid having to remove player progress.  We value your support and testing feedback, and we know that having your Beta gameplay progress wiped is frustrating. 

For the upcoming 6.400 release, both the new attribute system and vessel changes require significant underlying data changes, along with server performance changes, and are driving the need for us to wipe both characters and items. 

The decision to wipe characters isn’t something we make lightly.  We evaluated what it would take to transmute the existing data to the new formats, and it is prohibitive in both development and QA time (it would add multiple weeks of delay). 

Our priority is delivering a great game at the quality you expect, and launching it as soon as possible with the final game data wipe coming at launch.   

Your support is critical to Crowfall’s success, we appreciate your patience and understanding.  As we continue to advance the game, your input and feedback are helping us to move the game closer to launch and that is the priority for all of us! 

Thank you!