[Postponed] Faction Warfare: Playtest! (Update: January 12th)

Update (January 12th):

Mytherceria schrieb:

Hi everyone,

First of all, it’s great to see your excitement and interest in participating in this playtest!

I’ve come bearing some news that may disappoint (hopefully only temporarily). Our devs have decided to postpone the playtest to a new date, so as to allow you to experience and give feedback on a fuller version of the feature then. This will result in more useful data for us, as well as a better playtest experience for you.

We will be announcing the new playtest date later on and will update this thread as soon as there’s more information, so be sure to keep checking back!

Finally… I know you’ve told all your friends and possibly even your grandma about this playtest – we apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience in hanging on, just a little bit longer :)

– Mytherceria & Dev Team

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re excited about our Faction Warfare rework that will be coming out this year! As part of our preparations, we would like to host a playtest to gather feedback on this feature. You are invited to join us, Saturday, January 16th at 18:30 UTC to log into the Staging Server and:

  • Unlock your Destiny Board with the cheat stones and get equipped via the free crafting stations which are available in Thetford and Fort Sterling
  • Choose whether you would like to fight for Thetford or Fort Sterling faction by selecting the respective cheat stone
  • Open up the World Map and select Faction Warfare in the dropdown menu
  • See where the action is taking place and join in or try to capture the outposts! (note: fights are restricted to Yellow Zones only and they will not be full loot)
  • If you need to repair your gear, there will be a free way to repair them at the outposts
  • Continue this process until the playtest ends (we will let you know later on how long it will last)
  • The playtest instructions are subject to change and we will update this thread as more information gets finalized. Be sure to keep checking back!

Please make sure to update your Staging client in advance, so you can jump right in at the start of the playtest.

After the playtest, we will hand out a feedback form to those who participated, so that we can gather your thoughts on how this feature played out for you.

And finally… tell all your friends, guildmates and many others about this! The more players participate and give feedback, the more helpful this playtest will be for us, thank you!

– Mytherceria & Dev Team


What is the Test Server?
The Test Server is there to primarily test new content. That also means that the available version can be unstable.

How can I access the Test Server?
The Staging Server can be accessed via the launcher. Once you launch the game, navigate to Server selection and choose “Test Server (Staging)” in the drop-down menu.

To access the Test Server from your android device, download the .apk here

Help! I am not receiving my device verification code!
Note that it may take up to 60 minutes for the verification email to arrive. The device verification code might have also landed in your email spam folder.