ArcheAge: Glide On Through the Fire And Flames

Whether you’re storming the battlefields to defeat enemies or playing the role of a social butterfly and making friends along your travels, everyone has something they love to do! Whether that’s changing up your style, picking up a brand new companion, or just sitting back and relaxing at home, treat yourself to something from this week’s Marketplace update!

A Rare Yet Fiery Companion

Anyone who owns a Phoenix will tell you that these rare companions are one to have by your side always! The Black Fledgling Phoenix can cast a powerful magic barrier around you that shields you from damage from your health pool, and instead, take it from your mana. You can have a chance to receive your very own or other useful consumables from the Black Fledgling Phoenix Crate!

Black Fledgling Phoenix Crate – 350 Credits

Forged By Flames

Change up your weapons with the Wrapped Dread Guard Katana and Nodachi! These are said to be the weapons used by the Shadowhawks that Anthalon killed and reanimated to be the guards for Kyrios himself.

Wrapped Dread Guard Katana – 300 Credits
Wrapped Dread Guard Nodachi – 300 Credits

Take a Glide on the Wild Side!

Swap out your glider’s old look for a dazzlingly colorful one! The Glider Customization: Rainbow Monarch will stand out and make you a sight to behold! This item changes the appearance of your glider but keeps the stats and function of your current favorite glider!

Glider Customization: Rainbow Monarch – 2950 Credits*

*Limited to 1x per character and available until December 1.

Serene Pond Scene

Kick back and relax next to a Serene Pond with our Serene Pond Pack! If you’re in the market for Sturdy Wooden Chairs, you can buy these chairs individually for only 150 Credits.

Serene Pond Pack – 2000 Credits
Contains: Serene Pond x1, Sturdy Wooden Chair x2

Sturdy Wooden Chair – 150 Credits

Many of these deals expire on December 3, so be sure to pick them up before they’re gone. Who knows when they’ll be back!