Dregs Vekelsey Campaign war begins Friday on LIVE!

Crows, the Vekelsey Campaign War begins Tomorrow (Friday) on LIVE!

Starting tomorrow, Friday, November 13th, the Vekelsey Campaign will go live at 12 PM CST and runs through Sunday, November 22nd at 11 PM CST (Starts November 13th, 7 PM CET and ends November 23rd, 6 AM CET).

Win Conditions: The faction or Guild who earns the most victory points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods! Additional rewards will be available for participants of the top three Guilds that earn the most Divine Favor, Glory, Wealth, and Power.  See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details.

The Imports/Exports remain at 50 / 50 and you must be Level 20 to enter this Campaign!