Experience the Rise of Nehliya on the PTS!

“So this is what the Queen sees, the beautiful world.” – Nehliya

The Rise of Nehliya arrives on November 12, and you can get a sneak peek at the latest update on our Public Test Server once they are open over the next couple of days! Travel to the Western Hiram Mountains to explore the new and untouched Mysthrane Gorge, hidden away for thousands of years. Who knows what lies within this forsaken land.

Enjoy (9) nine new Main Story Quests beginning in Aegis Island with Ardios, and traverse the mysterious Mysthrane Gorge with the assistance of the Crimson Watch. Additionally, look for all (9) nine new Exploration locations scattered throughout the map! However, tread with caution as the ancient Ipnya machinery lie dormant and in wait. Should they be reactivated, our demise is all but certain!

If you successfully conquer the Risopoda, you can then try your hand at defeating Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation herself! This boss is of Akasch origin and will require not only teamwork but hefty firepower to fell. Though once done, her spoils are yours to reap!

Between trying out and experiencing the newest content, we are grateful for your help in identifying bugs, localization issues, and other pesky kinks. We invite you to provide all feedback and bug reports in the thread here!

For more information about the latest version of the Patch Notes, you can take a look at this thread! Please keep in mind that these Patch Notes are a work-in-progress and will be updated continuously throughout the testing phase and launch.

Once open, you can access the PTS by selecting it through the Glyph launcher:
• Select ArcheAge as a game.
• From the top right, switch the region from Europe/North America to Public Test.
• Select PTS1 for the legacy test world or PTS2 for the Unchained test world, complete with the ArchePass functionality. Both of these servers will have the Rise of Nehliya update.
• You may need to install/update the PTS version.
• Press ‘Play’ and join the fray!

It’s important to remember that Fluffy will not be available during this testing period. However, there will be NPCs placed in Marianople, Austera, and Diamond Shores that will provide some gear, Mounts, Labor Rechargers, and other goodies to help you test the new content!