Community Crunch 245: Extra Life, Free Weekend, and More!

Get ready, our 24-hour Extra Life stream is approaching on November 7th at 10AM PST. We’re anxious to beat or prior year record of $112,206.35 and see what good we can do for the kids through gaming and giving.

We’ll be coming to you live from our Seattle Studio to bring 24 hours of entertainment, giveaways, Collector’s Edition boxes, game keys, and much more! You don’t want to miss out because at the top of the hour, every hour, we will be sharing juicy Genesis 2 details and teasers. If you want to know what’s in store for Genesis II, be sure to tune in!

Extra Life Events and Activities

Genesis updates from the ARK team every hour!

IRL games and mischief

ARK developer interviews

Updates from the ARK Modding Community

Official server rates bonuses as we reach our donation goals

Extra Life Donation Rewards

Studio Wildcard Goodie Bags!

Sponsor Giveaways!

Collector’s Editions periodically throughout the Extra Life stream!

Genesis Season Pass giveaway periodically throughout the Extra Life stream!

ARK:Mobile Giveaways!

Milestones for increased ARK rates until end of Extra Life

Every person that donates to our team will receive a special SurviveTheARK forum badge (redeemable by a code via email). Donators over $500 USD will receive a special gold version badge!

Donations over $2,500 USD will be added to the ARK permanently as “Extra Life Superfan”

As we reach various donation goals, we will increase the Official Server Network rates. If you’re an ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile survivor, you’re in luck! Our friends over at Grove Street Games will be matching our final rates for at least 24 hours at the close of our stream at 10am PST on Sunday, November 8th. We’ll be extending the event past the regular 24 hours as a gesture towards those with slower connections who may be downloading for a portion of the livestream.

If you are interested in joining our team to help raise money, we’d love to have you! Check out this link for more information on how to get started. All donations go to the Extra Life organization and contribute to raising the Official Network rates!

For specialized game modes, we’ll be using the rates below:

Tender Loving Care 3

November 7th also marks the date that the Tender Loving Care 3 update will be reaching PC, Xbox, and PS4. Aside from the dedicated reworks of the Stego and Mammoth you may have seen in prior Community Crunches, we’ve added a bunch of Quality of Life changes to make your time on the ARK more enjoyable. Check out the thread below for more information:

We’ll be keeping you up to date as we hit our donation goals and increase rates on the Official Network but we’d love for the entire community to come and hang out with us while we raise money for a great cause. Pop a squat in our Official Discord or hang out in our Twitch chat when the action starts.

Steam: Free-to-Play Weekend!

Looking to expand your tribe? Introduce your friends to the world of ARK for free from Thursday, November 5th until Monday, November 9th.

Begin your quest for survival with a free-play weekend!

Steam Sale

Wishing for an ARK sale on Steam? Your wish is our command!

Grab ARK for up to 75% off as part of the Steam sale!

Xbox Super Saver Sale

If you’re looking to complete your ARK collection on Xbox, now is the time. ARK is up to 80% off until November 9th as part of the Xbox Super Saver Sale!

Complete your ARK collection with the Xbox Super Saver Sale!

New Sponsored Mods

SOTF 2: Revival Mod

SOTF 2: Revival Mod is a community effort to pick up where SOTF left off. The team has made many QoL changes based on community efforts and even hosts tournaments! If you were a fan of the original SOTF, this community made revival may be just what you are looking for!

Check out SOTF 2: Revival Mod


[HG]Hulk has created a lot of utility and other mods with very focused scopes. Now they have added a wonderful set of clean futuristic building pieces. prefabricated structures, domed rooms, and clean line architecture everywhere.
A e s t h e t i c

Check out HG Build

ARK Chaos Creator

ARK Chaos Creator is a unique addition to the sponsorship program; this isn’t just a mod for ARK, the Chaos Creator mod will open a line from a twitch stream right to the game. Stream viewers can influence the game for the streamer either making things more difficult, giving them useful (Or sometimes ridiculously chaotic) gifts, or spawning a bunch of mayhem directly on top of them. There is also a version in the works to allow content creators to use channel points instead of bits if they choose.

Check out ARK Chaos Creator

EVO Event

Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event on November 7th 10AM PST. See above for details on the Extra Life event and specifics on the rates.

Fan Art

Dont Move! by sis_6193

Titano Taming Pen by ThePilgrim

Megalosaurus (Night Hunter) by GuidiNox

Raptor Shrine by skywalker81 (Discord)

Dodowyvern by nezuyu

We can’t wait to see you for Extra Life on November 7th! Studio Wildcard

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