ArcheAge: Unchained : Spooky Deals for Days!

With Halloween slowly creeping its way towards us, Hallowtide festivities have begun in full force! There is no better time than now to prepare for the spooky celebrations by picking out the perfect costume or making your land just a bit more festive with our latest Marketplace Update offering beginning October 22nd! And if you think this is all, have another guess because more Hallowtide goods will arrive next week!

Jack O’ Lanterns O’ Plenty!

Hallowtide celebrations are nothing without a good Jack-o’-Lantern to add some illuminated scare! Get your hands on the Bound Jack-o’-Lantern Crate and receive all of the frighteningly adorable pumpkins within!

Bound Jack-o’-Lantern Crate – 1000 Credits
Contains the following:
– Bound Jack-o’-Snack-Bowl
– Bound Farmer’s Friend Jack-o’-Lantern
– Bound Gleeful Goblin Jack-o’-Lantern
– Bound Rabid Jack-o’-Lantern
– Bound Snooty Vamp-o’-Lantern

Service with a Smile!

Get countless treats during the Hallowtide festivities in the cutest service uniforms in Erenor! Nothing gets you more treats than looking as sweet as candy!

Spotless Service Uniform – 1715 Credits
Classic Service Uniform – 2450 Credits
Prim Service Uniform – 2450 Credits

Spotless Service Uniform – Classic Service Uniform – Prim Service Uniform

Warehouse On Demand!

Store your candy while trick-or-treating with your very own Spooky Anywhere Warehouse that allows you to store your items (almost) anywhere!

Bound Spooky Anywhere Warehouse – 1900 Credits*
*Limited 1x per account

Spotless Service Uniform – Classic Service Uniform – Prim Service Uniform

Spooky Decor and More!

Decorate your land and house with scary decor and show your neighbors – and their kids – you mean business! Grab your balloons and set up your feast table because Halloween is almost here

Bound Spirit-Mimic Balloons – 100 Credits
Bound Tricked Treat Balloons – 300 Credits
Bound Hallowtide Feast Table – 400 Credits
Bound Haunted Rickety Picket Fence – 90 Credits
Bound Rickety Picket Fence – 50 Credits
Bound Autumnal Wreath – 175 Credits
Bound Fallen Leaves – 200 Credits
Bound Spooky Streetlight – 400 Credits
Bound Hallowtide Tombstone – 1200 Credits*
*Limited 1x per account

Grab these deals quick before the Little Witch plays a Hallowtide trick, and take these deals away on November 5th! And don’t forget, more Halloween-themed items will be available next week along with a special Unchained Hallowtide Pack!