ArcheAge: Spooky Deals for Days!

Halloween is just around the corner, but Hallowtide festivities have begun in full force! There is no better time than now to prepare for the spine-tingling celebrations by picking out the perfect costume or making your land just a bit more festive with items from our Marketplace Update beginning October 22nd! And this is only the first batch of Hallowtide goodies as more will arrive next week!

A Broom Built for Travel

Say goodbye to your tired and worn broom and grab the Stormduster 1000 and zig and zag through the Erenor sky! Have a chance to receive your very own Stormduster 1000 or other useful consumables from the Stormduster 1000 Crate. This crate takes off to the sky on October 29th!

Stormduster 1000 Crate – 350 Credits

Hallowtide Goodies All In One Package!

If you’re feeling a little unprepared for Halloween, look no further than the Hallowtide Pack to get you in the mood of the season.

Hallowtide Pack (Legacy) – 7700 Credits
Contains the following:
– Hallowtide Costume Crate x1
– Yellow Candy x5
– Sealed Halloween Tombstone x1
– Sealed Gilt Blackwood Coffin x1
– Spirit-Mimic Balloons x1
– Tricked Treat Balloons x1
– Hallowtide Feast Table x1
– Haunted Rickety Picket Fence x1
– Rickety Picket Fence x1
– Autumnal Wreath x1
– Fallen Leaves x1 – Spooky Streetlight x1
– Pumpkin Spooks Chest x1

* ArcheAge: Unchained servers will receive their special Unchained Hallowtide Pack next week.

Prisoner’s Pride and Tomb-Bound Wraps

Warehouse On Demand!

Pick up your very own Spooky Anywhere Warehouse to store your items – and sweet candies – (almost) anywhere!

Bound Spooky Anywhere Warehouse – 1900 Credits*

*Limited 1x per account

Bloodmaw Eveningwear and Pumpkin Charmer Costume

Spooky Decor and More!

Set a spooky scene and decorate your land and house with scary Halloween decorations!

Spirit-Mimic Balloons – 100 Credits
Tricked Treat Balloons – 300 Credits
Hallowtide Feast Table – 400 Credits
Haunted Rickety Picket Fence – 90 Credits
Rickety Picket Fence – 50 Credits
Autumnal Wreath – 175 Credits
Fallen Leaves – 200 Credits
Spooky Streetlight – 400 Credits
Pumpkin Spooks Chest – 1000 Credits
Sealed Halloween Tombstone – 2000 Credits*

*Limited 1x per account

Grab these deals quickly before the Little Witch plays a cruel Hallowtide trick and take these deals away on November 5th!