Community Crunch 240: Fan Art and More!

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! While we continue polishing TLC 3 and addressing any live-game issues that arise, this week we will take a look at some awesome community fan art and community content.

EVO Event

There will be no EVO Event this week.

Official ARK Discord

The Official ARK Discord is thriving with 30k users within two weeks of launch. We’ve recently added LFG channels at popular request. Get into our new hub for info, updates, and news (sometimes you can talk to us there too!)

Fan Art

Mana by @Mauve (Discord)

Water Mill and Mansion by @ThePilgrimz

Early Morning by @KO3LNHA

Reaper by @Karl (Discord)

Latest Work by @ImEnFuego

Broodmother VS Dragon by @Goyounghee (Discord)

Shinehorn by @Slimeyspore11

Castle and Castle Town by @syn_ARK

See you next week!

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