Celebrate with 2x Vocation Badges until October 8th!

Prepare to celebrate the 20th-anniversary of gamigo in ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained with double the fun and double the number of Vocation Badges beginning October 2nd until October 8th, 4 PM UTC!

What are Vocation Badges?
Vocation Badges are a special currency that you can exchange with Blue Salt Merchants. You can earn Vocation Badges by crafting, farming, gathering, planting crops, fishing, and completing certain quests. These badges can then be exchanged at Blue Salt Representative Merchants throughout Erenor for special vocation items such as seeds, saplings, furniture, livestock, pets, mounts, and much more! During the event period, all Vocation Badges earned through tasks will be doubled.

This Double Event is part of the #gamigo20 anniversary lineup of special events! You can read the full details about the ongoing events and what’s to come here