We’re Gonna Party Cause It’s Our Anniversary

We love to party, you love to party so let’s get on with the ArcheAge celebrations! We’ve shared memories exploring vast lands and ocean, crafting massive sieges and storming castles, battling World Bosses, or simply claiming your land and laying the foundation of your destiny. Together let’s celebrate on both Legacy and Unchained with these special 6th Anniversary Events as a THANK YOU to the best community!

Daily Quests

Starting on September 10th, you will be able to complete several daily quests to receive Festival Coins. During the event period, exchange these Coins for various items at the Festival Coin Exchanger.

How do I participate?

Head to Mirage Isle and look for the NPCs Dalister and Nalambi, where you can accept up to 7 unique daily quests. The quests will require you to use emotes, collect currencies like Honor or Vocation, complete a dungeon and raid, or even capture a flag on a hiking trip! Completing all quests will provide you with an achievement and a 6th Anniversary Cake Hat!

Please keep in mind that only characters of level 30 or higher can participate in this event. A portal to Mirage Isle can be found throughout Erenor in most cities, towns, and safe zones.

Please note: The team is aware that 3 of the quests of this event contain “DO NOT TRANSLATE” strings and wish to clarify what these quests are and their objective.
The Quest “Hello fishies” requires you to deliver 6 Gilda Stars to Nalambi.
The Quest “Daru works hard, even today works hard” requires you to utilize 2190 labor.

What can I exchange the coins for?

The following items will be available for exchange:

Additionally, players on Legacy will be able to exchange 20 Coins for Manastorm Crystal x1.

This event will come to an end on September 24th at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT). The Coins and the Exchanger will disappear on October 15th during the regular maintenance, so be sure to exchange all of your Festival Coins before then.

Daily Log In Anniversary Gift

Beginning September 11th, all users who log in and stay online for six minutes during the event period will receive a 6th Anniversary Giftbox. Claim yours by clicking the button in the lower-left corner.*

The Anniversary Giftbox can be obtained once per day, so remember to log in and play daily to get the best out of it! *Location is subject to change

What does the Anniversary Giftbox contain?

Opening the box will provide you with the following items:

*This item will be removed during regular maintenance on September 24th.

Although this event ends on September 16th at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT), you will still have the opportunity to open your acquired 6th Anniversary Giftboxes until September 24th. During the maintenance on September 24th, the box will be destroyed, so be sure to make use of it before time runs out!

Let’s toast to an amazing year and see you in-game!