Jake’s Celebration Synthesis Event

For a limited time, synthesize your gear for a reduced rate! After the maintenance on September 10th, 2020, head over to your nearest Hero Hall to receive reduced rates on synthesis for various types of gear! The synthesis party will continue going until 1 AM UTC on October 15, 2020.

How do I participate?

The first step is to head to the Hero Hall in your faction’s Capital City! If you’re in the Western faction head to Marianople, Eastern faction head to Austera, and fearsome pirate, travel to Growlgate Island! After locating your Hero Hall, make sure you’re in the vicinity of the Synthesis Fairy Jake NPC and receive the reduced synthesis rate buff.

What are the Rates?

Enjoy the 50% synthesis rate discount on:
Hiram Guardian Gear
Radiant Hiram Guardian Gear
Story Quest Equipment
Noryette Accessories
Luminous Noryette Accessories
Epherium/Delphinad/Ayanad Cloaks
Synthesis Costume/Undergarments
Improved/Sturdy Pet Accessories
Disciple’s Equipment
T1 Mistsong Summit Equipment
T2 Mistsong Summit Weapons
Enraged Red Dragon Equipment
Bleak Arcadian Gear
Soul Guardian

Enjoy the 25% synthesis rate discount on:
Brilliant Hiram Guardian Gear
Radiant Disciple’s Equipment
Erenor Cloak
Berserk Red Dragon Equipment
Thunderwing Titan Equipment
Leviathan Hermit Equipment

Enjoy the 15% synthesis rate discount on:
Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment

The following gear is excluded from the synthesis rate reduction:
Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment
Immortal Warden’s Equipment
Erenor Equipment
Radiant Erenor Equipment
Brilliant Erenor Equipment
Wrathful Black Dragon
Ferocious Black Dragon Weapons
Vigilant Hermit Plate Armor
Resolute Hermit Equipment
Termisia’s Leather Armor
Termisia’s Merciless Equipment
Dread Necromancer Equipment
Nefarious Dread Necromancer Equipment
Soul Liberator
Radiant Noryette Accessories

Unfortunately, like all good things, this event comes to an end on October 15th, 2020 at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT). Make sure to get your synthesis on before it’s gone!