Best SKINs of 2020 Bundle

Did you miss out on some of the gorgeous ship SKINs that were only sold for a limited time this year in EVE Online’s New Eden Store? Now’s your chance to catch up with the Best SKINs of 2020 Bundle! The contents of the bundle are as follows:
– Inner Zone Vanguard (Lachesis)
– Snowline Bladeracer (Muninn)
– Zento Isideko Combine (Basilisk)
– Oasis of Faith (Sacrilege)
– Blackfire Steel (Zarmazd)
– Helmatt’s Harriers (Worm)
– Eden’s Hunters (Nestor)
– Kybernaut Clade (Noctis)

Grab this stunning greatest hits bundle of SKINs now for your personal fleet.