Opposites Attract with the Immortal Halo Package

    Free Item: Seize the Awkward Potion

    Add this free potion to your novelty wardrobe and start a conversation! Pick yours up from the Gem Store until September 29. If you missed the Seize the Awkward Clothing Outfit during our 2020 Friend/Ships campaign, you can grab that for free as well.

    Immortal Halo Package

    Some opposing forces are meant to be together, which is why this package comes with both the Immortal Light Halo and the Immortal Fire Halo. Whether the light in your soul is a gentle glow or a searing flame, these helm skins are sure to be a delightful addition to your wardrobe.

    8th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition

    It’s the second week to pick up the 8th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition and receive four weekly shipments of valuable goods from the Black Lion Trading Company. Learn all about what you’ll find inside here.

    The discount off the total value of the included items decreases each week, so get yours early! You’ll receive the August 25 supply drop as well as this week’s items.

    Appearance Package Sales

    Give your favorite character a fetching new look from head to toe with these popular appearance packages. Featuring outfits and additional matching items, exclusive weapon skins, and other Black Lion Trading Company goods, you’ve got everything you need to make a fashion statement!

    Starting today, get the Dynamics Exo-Suit Appearance Pack at 15% off—and dress your mounts to match with 40% off the Exo-Suit Mounts Pack. Visit the Gem Store throughout the week for discounts on the following packages:

    • Gem Aura Appearance Package
    • Ritualist Package
    • Defiant Glass Appearance Package
    • White Mantle Appearance Pack
    • Dervish Package
    • Braham’s Bitterfrost Frontier Pack

    What’s in Stock

    Build Storage Expansions, Build Template Expansions, and Equipment Template Expansions are 25% off for a limited time. On September 4, upgrade your account with a Storage Expander at 30% off.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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