Sign Up for Monthly Progress Newsletter for your ArcheAge Character!

Adventurer! Ever wondered throughout the month how many enemies you’ve defeated, players bested you in PvP battles, gold you’ve accumulated, and more? Now, the guessing game is over! From this month onwards, we’re creating a Monthly Progression newsletter that shows you these stats and more on your main character’s activity!

How do I sign up?

First, head to the Glyph Website and select Account then Email Preference. There you can opt-in to receive ArcheAge emails! Check your inbox to confirm your preferences and your stats will be delivered shortly. It’s recommended that you add to your safe-senders list so you don’t lose your Progress Report in your Spam or Junk folder. Currently, the Monthly Progress Newsletter is only available for characters on ArcheAge. ArcheAge: Unchained characters are not yet supported for this newsletter.

What does this newsletter track?

We’ll be showing you how much labor you have spent, how many players you’ve bested in PvP, how many bosses you have helped befall, how much Exp and Ancestral Exp you’ve earned – and how many levels that gave you – and the number of quests you have completed on your main character. Have an idea for other stats to track? Let us know on our Discord, Facebook or our Twitter channels.

Will I receive an email for all my characters?

No, you will only receive stats for your main character. Your main character is determined by a combination of Gear Score, Level, Ancestral Level, and playtime. This means that you will only receive stats based on the most active character on your account. However, this can change month to month depending on which character you’re spending the most time on.

Get the tools you need to keep track and improve your journey through Erenor!