ArcheAge: Unchained: A Summer Tradition

Whether you’re heading to the beach or chilling at the local neighborhood pool party in your housing district to beat the summer heat, make sure you’re packed with some of the most trendy styles in Erenor! Beginning June 24th, you can pick up the Watermelon Swimwear, or if showing some skin isn’t your thing, stand out amongst the crowd with the Wartime Nobility Costume and the Reedwind Champion Costume. For those who like a bit more thrill in their summer vacation, grab the Amusement Park packages to build your very own rollercoasters and theme park! Just make sure it adheres to Erenor’s safety regulations.

Pool Party: The Masquerade
It’s getting hot in Erenor! So, we’re having pool parties all over the world of ArcheAge but why not spice things up a bit? In addition to the brand new Watermelon Swimwear, we have two new costumes to keep you looking your best and standing out from the crowd.

Watermelon Swimwear – 2450 Credits
Wartime Nobility Costume – 2450 Credits
Reedwind Champion Costume – 2450 Credits

Build Your Own Amusement Park!
Clackity clack. Wheeee! The classic sounds of summer and roller coasters speeding through the amusement park with thrill-seekers and those daring to be. Build your own Themepark with these detailed pieces and gather with friends for a fun time together! Don’t worry, these items are a permanent installation to our Marketplace.

Bound Rollercoaster Tracks Pack – 1,120 Credits
Bound Small Tunnel Pack – 1,040 Credits
Bound Rollercoaster Pack – 3,160 Credits
Bound Tunnel Pack – 1,840 Credits
Bound Square Frame – 100 Credits
Bound Triangular Frame – 100 Credits
Bound 1×2 Square Frame – 200 Credits
Bound 2×4 Square Frame – 400 Credits
Bound Trapezoid Frame – 200 Credits
Bound Ramp Frame – 300 Credits
Bound Straight Tracks – 100 Credits
Bound Long Straight Tracks – 250 Credits
Bound Curved Tracks – 250 Credits
Bound Inclining Tracks – 250 Credits
Bound Declining Tracks – 250 Credits
Bound Straight Polkadot Tunnel Section – 100 Credits
Bound Long Straight Polkadot Tunnel Section – 250 Credits
Bound Curved Polkadot Tunnel Section – 250 Credits
Bound Inclining Polkadot Tunnel Section – 100 Credits
Bound Declining Polkadot Tunnel Section – 250 Credits
Bound Rollercoaster Front Car – 300 Credits
Bound Rollercoaster Rear Car – 300 Credits
Bound Trampoline – 500 Credits
Bound Yata Ship Ride – 800 Credits

Some of these deals won’t last for long so get them before July 9th, 2020!