ArcheAge: A Gothic Summer

It’s summertime in Erenor and have we got something for you, whatever your taste or style! From getting the perfect summer tan in the hottest swimwear, adding a touch of goth to your decor, or picking up some crates for a chance to snag some useful items, we’ve got something for everyone. Hear that? That’s the sound of amazing sizzling Summer Sale deals that will blow your mind. And it all begins on June 24th – so mark your calendars!

Crates Galore!
With these returning crates, you’ll have a chance to receive a new battle pet, mount, or even a costume that will come in handy on your expeditions through Erenor! Whether you’re looking for the fierce Firesnarl Elephant or the agile and waterproof Mechanical Kraken mount for your travels, they’ll be sure to assist however they can! Or, if you’re looking for a cute sidekick, Chadwick the Bold is the best choice for you! Hurling sunflower seeds never looked so easy.

Firesnarl Elephant Crate – 399 Credits
Mechanical Kraken Crate – 399 Credits
Rabbit’s Foot Crate – 399 Credits
Chadwick Crate – 399 Credits

Gothic Styles for All!
Gothic style has no season, and even in the summer, it can be trendy! While you may overheat in the outdoors in all black – though that may be your thing – blast that air conditioning and relax on some of the coolest goth-inspired furniture to date! Whether purple is your color or not, we can all agree the Gothic Bed is the comfiest there is.

Gothic Furniture Bundle – 3500 Credits
Gothic Bed – 2500 Credits

Pool Party: The Masquerade
It’s getting hot in here…well, Erenor! And that means one thing: a pool party! Spice things up a bit with the brand new Watermelon Swimwear and two new costumes to keep you standing out from the crowd.

Watermelon Swimwear – 1400 Credits
Wartime Nobility Costume – 3000 Credits
Reedwind Champion Costume – 3000 Credits

In addition to these sweet deals, our Summer Sale is going on! Grab a 10% discount on all Mounts and Pets under the Travel/Mounts and Travel/Battle Pets tabs! Also, receive up to a 10% discount on all items in both loyalty tabs.

These deals are too hot to last forever, so grab them before July 9th and keep them cool off in your inventory.