The Garden’s Blessing Event has Begun!

Beginning on June 4th, 2020 you will be blessed by the Gatekeeper Kyprosa herself with the Garden’s Blessing Event! Once a day, you can be rewarded with the Gatekeeper’s Bundle in your mail by remaining in-game for 30 minutes continuously. You will only be able to receive one coffer once a day per account during this event period.

What is the Gatekeeper’s Bundle?
The Gatekeeper’s Bundle is received after 30 minutes of uninterrupted in-game activity once per day during the event period, and it is sent by mail. Each Gatekeeper Bundle contains the following:
2x Sage Taffy
2x Tiny Treasure Taffy
4x Adventurer’s Goblet of Honor
10x Gilda Star
1x Gatekeeper’s Orb*

*Collecting 5 Gatekeeper’s Orbs will grant the title ‘LFG Garden’! This title has no stats and is Arcane grade.

Please Note: The Sage Taffy and Tiny Treasure Taffy disappear after 24h of opening the Gatekeeper’s Bundle. Additionally, the Gatekeeper’s Bundle will disappear when the event ends on June 11th.

Get your title and rewards before they disappear!