ArcheAge: Unchained : Get Thrifty With It!

You love to boogie. We love to boogie. No one can resist cutting a rug when these dances are on sale! There are enough discount dances to keep you dancing all night long starting May 28th! Pick up some discounted Bound Fusion Alembics and costumes to keep you fashionable and accessorized for every occasion!

Discount Dancing
Dance into this week’s deals and discounts! Gliders, Weapons, and Magithopters are all great and useful! However, keeping together your character’s aesthetic is important too – so get to imaging with the 10-pack of Bound Fusion Alembics to upgrade your style. Looking to show off your personality? Show off your angelic nature with the Angelic Whisper costume or show off your evil side with the Devilish Temptation costume!

Golden Dawn – 4,095 Credits
Devilish Temptation – 4,095 Credits
Angelic Whisper – 4,095 Credits
Emote: Dogeza – 675 Credits
Dance: Charming Dance – 675 Credits
Dance: Cossack – 675 Credits
Dance: Wiggle – 675 Credits
Dance: All Out – 675 Credits
Dance: Greenman Dance – 675 Credits
Dance: Let Loose – 675 Credits
Dance: Polka – 675 Credits
Dance: Tipsy – 675 Credits
Bound Fusion Alembic x10 – 3,375 Credits

These deals dance into the sunset on June 11th, so grab ’em while you still can!