ArcheAge: Rise from the Ashes

A trusty and beautiful pet, a new fashionable outfit, and expansion scrolls for your bag or warehouse. What else could an adventurer possibly need? Beginning May 28th, these and more are yours for the taking! Have a chance to channel your mana in the form of a shield with the Black Fledgling Phoenix Crate, grab a new costume with Daru’s Special Costume Offer: June and take advantage of some great discounts on useful items! The
June’s monthly packages will appear on June 1st!

Fly With The Phoenix
Rise from the ashes with the ever-powerful and elegant Black Fledgling Phoenix. The Black Fledgling Phoenix utilizes powerful magic that allows the damage you receive to drain your Mana instead of your Health, making this small pet a very worthwhile combat partner.
Have a chance to receive the Black Fledgling Phoenix or other powerful goods with the Black Fledgling Phoenix Crate.

Black Fledgling Phoenix Crate – 350 Credits

Daru Knows Best
Everyone loves a surprise, yes? Well, the Daru’s have come up with a special costume offer just for daring adventurers like yourself! Pick up the Daru’s Special Costume Offer: June and receive a randomized costume between the Vigilant Nui’s Chosen Uniform, Owl Post Uniform, or the Firebrand Courtier’s Robes! This item is limited to only 1 per account, so keep your fingers crossed for your favorite out of the bunch!

Daru’s Special Costume Offer: June* – 799 Credits
*Limited to 1x per account

Discount Galore
A good sale is always a good time. For a limited time, get some sweet deals on the following items:

Bound Expansion Scroll x10 – 1,500 Credits
Fusion Alembic x10 – 2,250 Credits

Monthly Pack Refresh
Beginning June 1st, the newest bundle of Monthly Packages will arrive in the Marketplace. Each package contains various consumables and items to keep you ready for whatever comes your way! These packages will be available during June, but please keep in mind each pack has its limitation on how many times it can be purchased.

These deals are only available for a limited time, so be sure to stuff your bags and warehouses before they disappear!