Start your Unchained Journey with a free trial!

Explore the vast and beautiful world of Erenor for free during our free trial! This trial period begins on May 21st and ends on May 25th, so dip your toes into the wonderful world of Erenor and discover your legendary self now!

For players who want to start their heroic adventures on EU, you can begin your journey at 6 PM UTC on May 21st.

For the players who wish to begin on the NA servers, you can begin your legendary adventure starting at 11 AM PDT on May 21st.

Get Started Now!

Players can partake in the free trial through Glyph by using the voucher code “AAUFREETRIAL2020” here! Afterward, install ArcheAge: Unchained through the Glyph launcher and get to explore the wonderful world of Erenor! After the Free Trial is over, you can continue your journey on your character at any time after purchasing a copy of ArcheAge: Unchained.

Don’t forget that once you’re in-game, you can go to the Marketplace and redeem the following gifts to start your journey through Erenor! They will be available starting on the 21st of May until the 25th of May.

3-Day Celestar
3-Day Umbrella Magithopter

Be aware of the following though:
If you purchase the game on Glyph, you won’t be able to install it from Steam but luckily wherever you decide to purchase the game from you can continue your character from where you left off!

If you participated in the Free Trial Weekend in April, you will not be able to continue your adventure with the same account in this Free Trial. You will receive the error “The Server is Busy, please try again later.

What else should I know?

To ensure there are no shenanigans, labor regeneration on accounts that partake in the free trial will be temporarily disabled for the entire duration of the trial unless you decide to continue your adventure after buying the game. Worry not, adventurer! You can still hunt to your heart’s content, partake in all quests and almost all aspects of the game and anything is possible with friends!

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