Light up the world!

From the 2nd of April till the 23rd of April, light up the sky in memory of the brave Aranzeb in the 2020 Lantern Festival. After the maintenance, watch Gweonid sparkle in the night sky as the zone turns to a festival period to let the East and the West come together as one in peace to honor the fallen during the fall of Auroria.

In Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores find the Festival Worldgates to take you to Gweonid Lake and talk to Fennelly to start off your lantern building adventure!

Giving thanks!
The Gweonid Lantern Festival is about giving thanks to the heroes who gave their lives to fight Kyrios while buying time to allow Nui to save the inhabitants of Auroria to escape and you can also give thanks for their sacrifice!

From NPC Denissi you can begin making your lantern and from NPCs Rojuni and Yallie there are more ways to earn Lantern Festival Coins!

3 times a day, the mysterious Yata Lantern appears, visit Mellius at 1 PM, 7 PM, and 12:00 AM UTC in Europe, or 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM, and 10:00 PM PDT in North America to find out what to do with it – he’ll stick around for an hour each time!

Use the Lantern Candle around the Dimmed Yata Lantern in order to light it up into a Lit Yata Lantern! Once the lantern is lit, your quest will be completed and you’ll be awarded 3 Lantern Festival Coins, 1 Glimmershine Essence, and a special Gweonid Elixir buff offering +3% Evasion, +41 Attack Speed, and -4% Cast Time for 1 hour.

I’m thankful for… rewards!
Everyone loves being rewarded for what they do, so here’s what you can get with your Festival Coins!

Monkey Rug – 30 Coins
Monkey Chair – 30 Coins
Mini-Red Yata Lantern – 20 Coins
Mini-Green Yata Lantern – 20 Coins
Mini-Blue Yata Lantern – 20 Coins
Mini-Yellow Yata Lantern – 20 Coins
Red Yata Lantern – 25 Coins
Green Yata Lantern – 25 Coins
Blue Yata Lantern – 25 Coins
Yellow Yata Lantern – 25 Coins
Fortune Pipe – 50 Coins
Decorative Fortune Pipe – 50 Coins
Blue Salt Origins – 10 Coins

Be quick, on the 23rd of April this event will fly away like a lantern!