Bringing Gardening and more, indoors

Spring has finally sprung but as it turns out, most of us are stuck indoors forced to self-isolate or quarantine. Are you in need or a little picker-upper? Great, because the ArcheAge Team is bringing you a host of fun activities! Gardening and Husbandry are at its peak this time of year, so why not make the most of it…in ArcheAge of course! Starting April 2nd, you can grow a Beanstalk mansion of your very own, stay productive with the Dedicated Laborer Pack, and become rabbit royalty with just a quick change of clothes!

Royalty at its Finest
New season, new threads! Feel and look like royalty just in time for spring! The Rabbit Queen Crate is a show-stopping costume that will put a spring in your step. Not feeling pink? Not a problem! With a dye ticket, you can change it to whatever color complements your style. Have a chance to receive the Rabbit Queen Suit from its crate, or purchase it for loyalty!

Rabbit Queen Crate – 450 Credits
Rabbit Queen Suit – 450 Loyalty

Let It Grow!
The sky is the limit (literally), with this House Design! This massive 44×44 mansion, equipped with a seedbed that can grow up to 50 of the same plant, is a dream come true to heroes with a green thumb! There is truly no place like home, and with the Memory Hearth, you can get straight to it using your teleport book. And by the way, you’ll receive 400 Tax Certificates as a bonus with your purchase!

Beanstalk House Design – 10000 Credits
BONUS: Tax Certificate x 400

Crystals, Combat, and Certificates for All!
There is so much to do in the wonderful world of Erenor! Looking to complete one of your achievements? Try your luck with the Manastorm Gift to receive between 2 and 50 crystals per gift. Use these manastorm crystals to obtain that missing mount or glider. What about trying your hand in the throes of battle? Come prepared with your Combat Resurrection scroll to pull you back from the threshold of the Hereafter upon defeat. Ever wondered what it would feel like in a different body? With our Gender Swap Certificate, feel and move differently with a whole new swagger and confidence.

Manastorm Gift – 150 Credits (limited to only 1x per day)
Scroll: Combat Resurrection – 10 Credits (Limited to 1x per day)
Gender Swap Certificate – 1345 Credits

Productive Production
The Dedicated Laborer Pack will keep you as busy as a bee or workhorse! Receive 10 Bound Labor Rechargers, 5 Bound Vocation Tonics, and 10 Vocation Hastener Scrolls to keep you occupied all day! This package is limited to only once per character, so make sure to make the most out of it. This package will be available until April 30th, so pick one up before it’s gone!

Dedicated Laborer Pack – 2500 Credits
Limited 1x per Character

Remember: stay safe, stay inside and check out our April Packages! Make sure to take a peek at what’s inside each package before they vanish at the end of the month.

Gliding High in ArcheAge: Unchained!
A smaller update to the Diligence Coin store brings a Resurrection Scroll that you can use in combat! Never miss a beat during the heat of battle again. Not your style? Then we also have a discount on three fancy glider customizations so you can soar your stuff!

Scroll: Combat Resurrection – 1 Diligence Coin (1 per day)
Glider Customization: Flames – Discount to 4095 Credits
Glider Customization: Spring Breeze – Discount to 4095 Credits
Glider Customization: Silver Shadow – Discount to 4095 Credits

Make haste, Adventurer, some of these deals wither away in two weeks!