Patch Notes – February Update


We proudly present to you our newest update – and it is chock-full of great, amazing content. In it, you’ll find something for each and everyone, no matter what it is you love most about ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.

PvE against gigantic scary world bosses or PvP on the high seas? Check!
Solo adventures if you’re more the lone wolf type? Check!
Adjustments to the Aging system for all you crafters and traders? Very much check!
New Exploration Spots to discover? The check is unreal!

New World Boss – Charybdis

The sea beckons to you, Adventurer, but will you heed her call?
Look forward to some of the most intense naval action you’ve ever seen! Get ready to face the terrifying sea monster that is the mighty Charybdis, the terror of Whaleswell Strait. An Ancestral 15 world boss with nearly 17 million(!!!) HP, she will certainly not be easy to defeat.
Find out more about the lore around Charybdis right here.

New Solo Dungeon – Hereafter Rebellion

Kyrios’ Crimson Army are knocking down the gates of White Arden, and the Arden Guard needs your help! Test your mettle and protect the holy land of White Arden by aiding its Guard and saving Wandering Souls from their impending doom in this all-new solo dungeon experience!
However, you’re not entirely on your own: 6 elite NPCs, each with their own unique quest line and motivations, can be summoned to your aid.

Level requirement: 55+

Naval Arena – Stillwater Gulf

Stillwater Gulf is open once again and awaits the toughest, hardiest captains and their crews to battle for supremacy.
Escape the Grudge’s Veil and defeat as many enemies as you can within 60 minutes to earn yourself Kyrios Badges and Radiant Infusion Supply Kits. Or feed the fishes down in Davy Jones’ Locker!

Aging Larders, Exploration Points, Ancestral Skills, and So Much More!

Tired of all the fighting? Like to just sit back and relax for once while watching some honey age? We have made some exciting changes to the Aging Larders that should be right up your alley!
Or, if you’re not one to sit around and do nothing, why not go out and discover the new Exploration Points that were added to the Western and Eastern Hiram Mountains?
You could also hone your skills to the extreme with the new Swiftblade Ancestry Skills and others.

Of course, that’s by far not all! We’ve got much more amazing stuff: Resistant Pet Accessory, Guild Buff changes, news for Pirates, to only name a few.

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