ArcheAge: Unchained: Out with the old and in with the new!

Get them before they’re gone! The current selection of costumes on the
marketplace will be leaving the stores soon and now is your last chance
to grab ’em.

Don’t delay! Get your costume today!
On the 27th of February we will be removing the following costumes from the Marketplace and replacing them with a fresh batch of new costumes!

Black Sands Costume
Winter’s Messenger Costume
Plague Doctor Costume
Eclipse Knight Costume
Reckless Ravager’s Plate
Dark Shaman’s Raiment
Eternal Wish Raiment
Immortal Guardian’s Robes
Restless Dancer Costume
Pumpkin Charmer Costume
Tomb-Bound Wraps
Bloodmaw Eveningwear
Inoch’s Battle Robes
Prisoner’s Pride
Holiday Snow Cow Chroma
Ebongleam Dynasty Robes
Icefall Dynasty Robes
Blood Dream Dynasty Robes
Prim Service Uniform
Classic Service Uniform
Reedwind Champion
Wartime Nobility Costume
Blooming Spring Cow Chroma